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Feature Solutions

Dealer Supplies Store

ASL is the place for Automotive Retailers to get our innovative and top of the line products in Automotive Window Stickers and the Cobra Key Management System(s).

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Plug-ins & Add-ons

ASL has many tools that can plug-in to any website and enhance your ability to attract more visitors and create more sales leads.

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Real-e-Live People

Don’t just get help... get ReLP! With ReLP, not only can you have live audio-video chat with your website visitors but you can also see what your customers are doing on your website live and invite them to interact with you.

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Inventory Systems

ASL’s inventory system has specialized versions not only for used vehicles but also for certified preowned, new vehicle inventory, recreational vehicles, and lease take-overs. ASL gives you the edge with one system that updates your inventory everywhere.

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New Vehicle Showrooms

New vehicle showroom databases (Buyers’ Guides) are available for all automotive makes and models in addition to heavy duty trucks, recreational vehicles, and watercraft.

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Build & Price

Build It, Price It software and All Makes Build & Lease software can help your dealership generate more leads and sell more cars.

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Canadian Auto Press

Automotive editorial content and independant test drive reviews can create the impact you need to gain your customers trust online and generate more leads.

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Search Engine Marketing

There’s a pervasive myth among people who build and manage web sites that submitting your Web site to hundreds of search engines will result in thousands of new visitors. That’s just not true. Submitting alone is not enough.

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Education & Training

Web seminars, tele-confereence training, on-site training and advanced Internet sales training classes in cities coast-to-coast

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Welcome to ASL Internet

There is no "Back Button" for your results!

Is your website just another static dreary ad in cyber-space. Or, is it a high-end professional sales system that will let you attract, sell and keep more customers... more profitably.

Let ASL give you the competitive edge with a high-end presentation that highlights the value of doing business with you over your competition. A complete customized package designed specifically for your dealership, providing extensive information on your product line and services with an easy-to-administer system that focuses on what truly matters... RESULTS.

If you're not making sales and profit from your web site, then it is just a waste of your time, your money and your effort. Call us toll-fee 1.866.955.2255 or email: to speak with one of our knowledgeable automotive Internet marketing professionals today.


Start merchandising & managing your inventory. Login here to: update your website; update your inventory; create lead & traffic reports; print window stickers & stock lists; & locate wholesale vehicles.


The Internet As A Selling Machine

Listen to the first 30 minutes of a recent training seminar in Vancouver at the BC New Car Dealers Association conference. The Internet as a Selling Machine is an hour and 20 minute seminar detailing a formula for automotive dealership success online.


ASL Internet is an automotive Internet marketing and Internet solutions provider specializing in website development, online inventory management, Internet merchandising, Internet sales training, web analytics, and electronic data interchange (EDI). ASL's main focus is to generate Internet traffic, leads and sales for auto dealers coast-to-coast. ASL's EDI services reduce data entry costs through automatic transfers and on-demand exports to automotive manufacturers in addition to automated nightly updates to automotive portal and classified website providers.

Interactive Media Awards

ASL developed the website of the only Auto Dealer in North America to Win Top Honors at the 2006 Interactive Media Awards. On Saturday, January 20, 2007, ASL Internet was awarded Outstanding Achievement for excellence in the design, development and implementation of the Jason Armstrong's Huntsville Honda. Click here to read more >>>.

Auto dealers click here for a 3 minute virtual tour audio-video presentation
ReLP Live Support

You need ReLP!

Imagine if you could see the visitors on your website live and greet them just like you do at your store. What if you could actually speak with them in person at their home or place of business while they viewed your inventory online.

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Inventory Systems

Inventory Merchandising and Management Systems

ASL can help you ethically capture MORE qualified leads from your inventory online along with complete contact details on each and every customer. These are NOT just your average leads generating requests for more information. ASL gives you highly targeted leads that convert into more sales with the automotive industry's leading inventory management and merchandising system.

ASL gives you the edge with one system that updates your inventory everywhere:

  • Your own website
  • Your dealership group website
  • Your manufacturer's certified preowned website
  • Your dealer association website
  • Auto Trader & Buy Sell
  • Auto 123 &
  •, LiveDeal, and dozens more sites

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