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What is Search Engine Marketing?

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What is search engine marketing (SEM)? Most companies that perform search engine marketing define it as something similar to: “marketing a web site so that it appears in a search engine’s top organic listings through keyword research, link building, and pay-per-click advertising.” This is a great definition, but it actually applies more to search engine optimization (SEO). At ASL Internet we believe that the SEM definition needs to be broadened: it actually involves two processes.

Search Engine Marketing

Getting a customer to your site is only part of the issue. Retaining your customers and increasing your lead-to-sales ratio is just as important. According to our research, on average a searcher will spend only 10-18 seconds searching your web page for what they need. Not a lot of time to get your message across.

So how is SEM different at ASL Internet? How do you turn your leads (visitors) into sales? And how do you measure the success of your site?

Let’s start with the second question: leads to sales. While ASL Internet gets your site listed into a search engine's top 10 rankings through SEO, we perform additional market research for your online business that will target your audience, make you more unique in your market, and keep your customers interested for more than 10-18 seconds. We call this web site marketing, (the second process of search engine marketing) and the process that appeals to your customers the most.

Which leads us to the third question: the measure of a successful site. Most web masters would agree on one metric: the number of visitors to your site. But it’s not just unique visitors that make a web site successful, but the number of returning visitors and your lead-to-sales ratio.

For your online business to be a success today you need to offer your customers something of value. Customers now have a wealth of information at their fingertips and will spend several weeks researching a purchase and comparing products and services online. Give your visitors the opportunity to find what they need at your web site. Offer information about your product or service. Explain industry terms and give your visitors the information they need to make an informed decision. This will turn your visitors into:

  • Returning customers;
  • Help them develop a sense of trust;
  • And increase your lead-to-sales ratio.

If you don't offer this information, your visitors will simply move to the next site that does - reducing your sales!

Use Search Engine Marketing and Succeed Online

The Internet has given your customers a greater sense of control. They no longer need to visit your store and question your salespeople to find out what they need to know. Finding information from trusted sources online makes your potential customers more confident. This is why search engine marketing is so important! Search engine marketing turns consumers that "browse" your online business into customers that "bookmark" your online business, which increases your lead-to-sales ratio.

Now let's re-examine the definition of search engine marketing and answer the first question: How is SEM different at ASL Internet? "We market web sites so that they appear in a search engine’s top organic listings. Enabling them to receive a high volume of return customers, and increasing their lead-to-sales ratio. This is accomplished through the use of keyword research, market research, link building, and pay-per-click advertising."

Now, the million dollar question: How do I get my business to have a top search engine position and expand my sales with ASL Internet? Find out today by contacting the SEO experts at ASL Internet. Or use one of our live online specialists.

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