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Website Plug-ins & Add-ons

ReLP Live Support

Real-e-Live People (ReLP)

Imagine if you could see the visitors on your website live and greet them just like you do at your store. What if you could actually speak with them in person at their home or place of business while they viewed your inventory online.

Now you can with ASL's Real-e-Live People (ReLP) website plug-in. ReLP easily plugs into any website allowing you to see who is on your site, what they are looking at, how long they've been there, where they are from, and much, much more. Simply select a customer and click on them to invite them to chat with you.

With the built-in real-time audio video feature and the ability to push web pages onto your visitors screen you will dramatically increase your sales conversion ratios and reduce the number of people who abandon your website without ever contacting you. To see a demonstration of this incredible service please click on one of live support people on the left of this screen or click on the "learn more" button for additional information and pricing.

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Inventory Merchandising & Management Systems

Inventory Merchandising and Management Systems

ASL can help you ethically capture MORE qualified leads from your inventory online along with complete contact details on each and every customer. These are NOT just your average leads generating requests for more information. ASL gives you highly targeted leads that convert into more sales with the automotive industry's leading inventory management and merchandising system.

In addition to the easy-to-use on-line forms for adding and editing your vehicle listings you can save thousands of dollars in time with batch uploads for all your data and photos. Instantly upload your vehicle inventory from a spreadsheet. This file can be created by your staff or can come directly from your Dealer Management System (DMS).

Better still, ASL's inventory system has specialized versions not only for used vehicles but also for certified preowned, new vehicle inventory, recreational vehicles, and lease take-overs.

ASL gives you the edge with one system that updates your inventory everywhere:

  • Your own website
  • Your dealership group website
  • Your manufacturer's certified preowned website
  • Your dealer association website
  • Auto Trader & Buy Sell
  • Auto 123 &
  •, LiveDeal, and dozens more sites

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New Model Databased Showroom Buyers' Guides

New Model Databased Showroom Buyers' Guides

New vehicle showroom databases (Buyers' Guides) are available for all automotive makes and models in addition to heavy duty trucks, recreational vehicles, and watercraft. ASL Buyers' Guides are included with most ASL website systems and can be easily integrated into websites designed by other providers.

ASL's data management team keep the marketing content, specifications and photo galleries update for you so you can focus on sales rather than keeping your manufacturer's new models updated on your website.

ASL Buyers' Guides include the same lead generation, management and reporting tools as ASL inventory systems.

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All Makes Build & Price (& Lease)

All Makes Buid and Price

ASL provides auto dealers with this next-generation website software for consumer research and pricing. ASL's Build It, Price It software and All Makes Build & Lease software can help your dealership generate more leads and sell more cars. You can instantly add interactive vehicle configuration, research and pricing to any website.

The cutting-edge design and enhanced media options, offer consumers more choices and better flexibility. All of this adds up to more time spent by consumers on your dealership's website, and more requests from potential customers such as: no obligation offers; secure online credit applications; trade-in appraisals; test-drive requests; monthly payment quotes; referrals to friends; and automated electronic brochures.
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Canadian Auto Press & American Auto Press


Pull more traffic to your dealership's website while engaging and informing your visitors. Automotive editorial content and independant test drive reviews can create the impact you need to gain your customers trust online and generate more leads. Canadian Auto Press (CAP) and American Auto Press (AAP) integrates easily into ASL inventory systems and new vehicle model buyers guides.

As the technology partner to Canadian Auto Press, and American Auto Press, ASL is also proud to provide automated daily electronic feeds of data and photos to some of North America's largest automotive news and automotive portal for more


Automotive Handheld PDA Solutions

Automotive Handheld PDA Solutions

Are you looking for an all-in-one system to accurately merchandise your inventory while saving you time and money? Introducing ASL's Automotive Mobile Inventory Manager Software for Windows Mobile 5 Operating Systems and the unique iMate JAMin Handheld. Scan your VINs, take your photos, enter your data, answer your email, and talk on the phone all with one automated device that will propel you ahead of your competition.

The Mobile Inventory Manager system takes all the pain away from inventory data and photo collection with it's fast and easy process and the robust and simple interface. With the Mobile Inventory Manager, online inventory merchandising is easy.

Many dealerships have become dissatisfied with third-party inventory updating services that charge a fee for every vehicle's data transfer any time that vehicle is updated on each portal or website. Ensure your vehicles are updated frequently, more accurately and at less expense by using the ASL Mobile Inventory Manager.

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