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New Model Buyers Guides & Vehicle Showroom Databases

New Vehicle Showrooms

New Model Vehicle Showrooms / Buyers Guides are available for all complete new vehicle model line-ups within the following vehicle brands. Other brands may be available by special request (please contact ASL for more details toll free at 1-866-955-2255 or (250) 314-1438.

Acura       Audi       BMW       Buick       Cadillac       Chevrolet       Chrysler       Dodge       Ferrari       Ford       GMC       Honda       Hummer       Hyundai       Infiniti       Jaguar       Jeep       Kia       Lamborghini       Landrover       Lexus       Lincoln       Mazda       Mercedes-Benz       Mini       Misubishi       Nissan       Pontiac       Porsche       Saab       Saturn       Smart       Subaru       Suzuki       Toyota       Volkswagen       Volvo


New Commercial Truck & Fleet Showrooms

New Model Vehicle Showrooms / Buyers Guides are available for all new heavy truck and commercial vehicle model line-ups within the following vehicle brands. Other brands may be available by special request (please contact ASL for more details toll free at 1-866-955-2255 or (250) 314-1438.

Chevrolet Medium Duty Trucks and Commercial Vehicles       Ford Medium Duty Trucks and Commercial Vehicles       GMC Medium Duty Trucks and Commercial Vehicles       Sterling Commercial Fleet Trucks


New Recreational Vehicle & Watercraft Showrooms

New Model Vehicle Showrooms / Buyers Guides are available for all RV and watercraft model line-ups within the following brands. Other brands may be available by special request (please contact ASL for more details toll free at 1-866-955-2255 or (250) 314-1438.

Adventurer Truck Campers and Fifth Wheels       Bigfoot Motorhomes Campers and Trailers       Fleetwood Recreational Trailers and Fifth Wheels       Forest River Trailers and Fifth Wheels       Four Winds Trailers and Fifth Wheels       Frontier Recreational Trailers and Fifth Wheels       Kodiak Trailers and Fifth Wheels       North Shore Trailers and Fifth Wheels       OKanagan Campers       Triple E Recreational Vehicles, Motorhomes, Trailers and Fifth Wheels       Crestliner Boats       Larson Boats


Over the past several years, franchise dealers have witnessed dramatic changes in the shopping behaviour of new vehicle buyers.

The Internet has become the number one information source used by consumers to perform research. With first-time vehicle buyers in particular, this trend is even more pronounced; more first-time buyers rely on the Internet for information than all mass media (TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers) combined.

The numbers clearly indicate that shopping for vehicles on the Internet isn't a future trend; it is an established and mature consumer behaviour that dealers must understand before they can exploit it.

So how does a dealer capitalize upon that behaviour? Many dealers struggle to take advantage of the Internet selling opportunity. Some dealers complain that visitors to their web sites are just shoppers conducting research. In fact, they are right.

The key to a successful Internet strategy, is to understand that these "researchers" turn into genuine customers incredibly quickly once they have acquired the right information. Dealer sales tools from ASL - like the New Vehicle Showroom - satisfy that thirst for information, so that more shoppers turn into genuine customers while they're on your web site.



ASL New Vehicle Showrooms provide comprehensive vehicle specifications, which attract higher search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your web site.

Search engines regularly "read" the content on every page of every site on the Internet, and then rank those pages and sites according to how well they relate to different kinds of search terms. While search engines (like Google) respond to a broad spectrum of always-evolving optimization techniques, the fact remains that search engines have always - and will always - reward sites with content that is both meaningful and relevant to consumer search terms.


Retaining Visitors and Earning Leads

Attracting more visitors is a good first step; the next step is to retain those visitors and convert them into genuine leads. More leads don't necessarily translate into more sales, but well-qualified leads help make that equation a reality.

ASL New Vehicle Showrooms provide current and complete vehicle data about every make, model, and trim, while embedded manufacturer program details cover relevant manufacturer programs like Warranties, Roadside Assistance, and Protection Plans.

All this rich content makes ASL dealer web sites "sticky"; that is, visitors who read the content spend more time on your web site while they research their purchase. ASL New Vehicle Showrooms empower dealers to retain more traffic rather than sending their visitors to other web sites for information, where those prospective leads are often lost to competing dealers.

Our tools help you retain more visitors, then give you maximum opportunity to earn their leads. While ASL New Vehicle Showrooms satisfy the Internet shopper's need to make well-informed decisions, a variety of built-in lead generators motivate the customer to submit genuine and well-qualified leads.


Option: Integrated Automate Reviews by Canadian Auto Press

ASL Internet is the exclusive provider of Canadian Auto Press automotive reviews for automotive dealerships. This rich, unbiased content engages and creates real value for visitors, and provides a significant differentiator for your dealership web site.

Canadian Auto Press is Canada's largest automotive content syndication company; its sister company - American Auto Press - is making major inroads throughout the United States with both written and rich multimedia automotive reviews. Canadian Auto Press President & Editor-in-Chief Trevor Hofmann appears weekly on The New Driver's Seat, and is a regular guest on Automotive Intelligence on CISL650 in Vancouver.

The combination of ASL New Vehicle Showrooms and Canadian Auto Press automotive reviews content is like "candy" for search engines and consumers in the research phase.

This exclusive offering is an important element of the ASL New Vehicle Showroom package, which delivers more value for new vehicle researchers than anything else on the market; manufacturer-quality vehicle specifications and portal-quality editorial content effectively dovetail helping dealers attract and retain more traffic, then earn more well-qualified leads.


Showroom Buyers Guides Features Table

The table below lists the features of ASL Showroom Buyers Guides for new vehicles models line-ups, medium & heavy duty trucks, recreational vehicles, and watercraft. Please contact us for more information.

  New Vehicles Fleet & Commercial Recreational Vehicles Boats & Watercraft
Consumer Display & Tools
Manufacturer's Marketing
Overview & Highlights
Detailed Specifications
Thumbnail Showroom Menu Images
Image Gallery
Search Engine Friendly URLs
MSRP Price Range - - -
Features by Model & Trim Level
Recreational Vehicle Floor Plans - - -
Recreational Vehicle Interior Details - - -
Built-in Lead Generation
Test Drive Requests Optional Optional Optional
Secure Credit Applications
(Capture Abandoned Apps)
Trade-in Evaluation Requests
(matched to vehicle of interest)
Best Price Requests
No Obligation Offers
Email A Friend Referrals
Requests for More Information
Lead Delivery & Management
Messages/Email to Multiple Depts.
SMS Text Messages to Cell Phones
Online Real-Time Reports
Secure Credit Managemnt Centre
Push Apps to Curomax
Push Apps to Dealer Access
Statistics & Analytics
Referral & Advertising Source Stats
Add Your Own Lead Filter Questions
Date/Time of Leads
Optional Extras
Integrated Build & Price - - -
Real-e-Live People (ReLP) A/V
Canadian Auto Press Reviews - - -

* Only one showroom buyers guide database is included with each Intermediate, Advanced, Custom or Recreational Vehicle website.