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Vehicle Inventory Systems

You may be reading this through an Internet browser but if you're like most decision makers in an auto dealership you know that your sales results don't have a "back button"!

Your website visitors' number one interest is to find the vehicles they are looking for with the best value. It's no longer enough to simply display your inventory online with just one or two photos along with some basic information. You must now merchandise your inventory to clearly show the value of your vehicles over your competitor.

ASL's Inventory Merchandising System helps your dealership to manage, merchandise and market its entire new and used vehicle inventory on your own dealership web site, and on multiple Internet portals, dealer association sites and manufacturers' sites, all with one web-enabled management and merchandising system.

  • Generate well-qualified leads by giving Internet shoppers what they want... information!
  • Discourage tire-kickers and encourage buyers with prominent effective Lead Generators.
  • Convert more of your website traffic into what really matters... Leads & Sales!
  • Unlimited, free uploads to your online advertisers maximize the impact of every online dollar.

Other services may also be added to further enhance your inventory system such as hand held PDA inventory management solutions, Real-e-Live ® website monitoring & proactive customer-service, Canadian Auto PressTM editorial content for vehicle inventory listings and more.


Vehicle Inventory Example

1. List or Search: Customers can return at any time to a complete list of your inventory or search for specific results.

2. Vehicle Summary Information: VIN, Year, Make, Model, Trim, Price, Colors, and more.

3. Side-by-Side Vehicle Comparisons: Display inventory listings side-by-side and provide your website visitors with a valuable tool to help them with their research and purchasing decisions while ensuring that they are looking at your inventory versus your competitors'.

4. Vehicle Photo Gallery: More pictures convert more visitors into leads and sales. If a picture says a 1000 words then this section will say up to 36,000. Your web site visitors are looking for a different experience. You can be the dealership that provides it. Displaying these photos is like a complete walk around the vehicle with the customer and best of all, the ASL system allows you to batch upload multiple photos per vehicle (several vehicles at once) saving you valuable time. Photos that are entered by batch upload are automatically optimized by the sever for quick consumer viewing to minimize page load times.

5. Attach Any Document: Easily attach additional information on your vehicle listings such as video clips, audio commercials, coupon offers, inspection reports, and more. This is the only automotive inventory system in the market that provides this versatility to turn your shoppers into buyers.

6. Consumer Lead Generation: Discourage tire-kickers and encourage buyers with lead generators that focus on pushing your consumers "hot buttons" including: Trade-in Quote; No Obligation Offers; Best Price Quotes; Pre-Approved Credit; Schedule Test Drive; and E-mail a Friend.

Every lead can be sent by email and SMS Text Messaging to notify your cell phone or Blackberry immediately when you have a new lead with the type of request and contact details. Take the customer out of the market by responding quickly before they have time to talk to your competition.

7. Real-e-Live Sales (Optional): Meet and Greet your website visitors just like you do on your lot with an Audio/Video & Text Chat that lets you see who is on your website live and proactively invite them to speak with you. For more information on the Real-e-Live People (ReLP) web video chat service please click here.

8. Detailed Vehicle Information: Accurately display safety options, interior options, exterior options, mechanical specifications, additional comments, additional options, declarations, and any further remarks you may wish to disclose.

9. Automated Payment Calculator: Automatically calculate payments without the requirement to enter details into every listing. Calculates terms, taxes, cash down and trade-ins. Disclose or hide admin fees.

10. Warranty & Certification: Automatically display comprehensive info about the warranty and certification programs that apply to each listing just by choosing a single option from a 'drop-down' list.

11. Canadian Auto Press: Editorial content (chosen by you) can be integrated into new and preowned vehicle inventory listings to provide consumers with independent third-party journalist reviews and test-drive overviews that favour your vehicles. For more information on Canadian Auto Press and American Auto Press editorial content please click here.

12. Secure Online Credit Applications: Exceeds Canadian and US privacy legislation requirements and it's the only product that also captures "abandoned" credit applications.

13. Repeat Functionality: Any section within the Inventory Merchandising display can be repeated for added impact.

14. Dealership Information: Every vehicle listing displays your dealership's contact information.

15. Interactive Map & Department Hours: Display hours of operation and an interactive Google map with links to more details and directions.

16. Buying Group Database: For customers who "Can't find what they are looking for". Reduce the number of potential customers who abandon your website because they cannot locate a vehicle that interests them. Offer your customers a better alternative to the often promised (but seldom delivered) "We'll help you find a car.".


Upload Data to Multiple Sources

Save time and money by eliminating the need to enter your inventory into more than one inventory system. Now you can spend more time enhancing the quality of your inventory merchandising rather than entering the same inventory over and over again. The electronic data and photos from your ASL inventory can be automatically sent to many sources of advertising and marketing for your dealership.

For several years ASL has developed partnerships and alliances with a variety of companies throughout North America within the automotive industry. These companies include automotive manufacturers, automotive dealership associations, third party marketplace websites, automotive advertising portals, and automotive finance portals. If you would like to learn more about how our database tools can seamlessly interact with any of your current providers, please give us a call toll free at 1-866-955-2255 or 1-250-314-1438.

Manufacturers, Automotive Dealer Associations, and Third Party Marketplace Websites and Automotive Advertising Portal Website

Many dealerships have become dissatisfied with third-party inventory updating services that charge a fee for every vehicle's data transfer any time that vehicle is updated on each portal or website.


Management & Sales Reports

Easily produce reports in "real-time" for inventory stock lists, lead-generation, vehicle views, web site traffic, lead details, referral and advertising sources (that are working versus those that are having little affect), and more...


Window Stickers

The ability to generate window stickers is included when you invest in the Inventory Merchandising system for your dealership. Use the template stickers or have a customized window sticker design created for your dealership for a one-time setup fee. Preprinted colour window stickers are also available.

  • Reduce data entry
  • Formats for pre-printed manufacturer window stickers
  • Special adhesive window sticker sheets available

Vehicle Inventory Systems Features Table

The table below lists the features of ASL Vehicle Inventory Systems for New vehicles, used vehicles, lease take-over, and recreational vehicles. Please contact us for more information.

  New Model Inventory Preowned Inventory Lease
RV Inventory
Consumer Display & Tools
Vehicle Summary Data
Side-by-Side Vehicle Comparisons
Gallery Photo Display (up to 36)
Vehicle Details & Options
Marketing Comments & Addtl. Options
Finance Details Section -
Payment Calculator (Dealer Configured) - -
Lease Take-Over Details - - -
Contact Details on Every Listing
Dealership Map & Hours
Customize Section Display Order
Repeatable Sections for Emphasis
Search (Year, Make, Model, Type)
Search (Color, Mileage, Price Range)
Show Discount (Slash Out Retail) -
Data Entry & Management
Online Forms (Create, Edit, Delete)
One Click Certified Preowned - - -
One Click Exterior Options
One Click Interior Options
One Click Safety Options
One Click Mechanical Options
One Click RV Exterior Options - - -
One Click RV Interior Options - - -
Attach Documents & Coupons
Attach Audio Commercials
Attach Videos
DMS/Spreadsheet Batch Upload
Vehicle Photo Batch Upload
Customizable Window Stickers
Customizable Stock Lists
Built-in VIN Decode & Validation -
Built-in Lead Generation
Test Drive Requests
Secure Credit Applications
Capture Abandoned Credit Applications
Trade-in Evaluation Requests
(matched to vehicle of interest)
Best Price Requests
No Obligation Offers
Email A Friend Referrals
Requests for More Information
Buying Group Database
(Find-A-Car requests)
Lead Delivery & Management
Messages/Email to Multiple Depts.
SMS Text Messages to Cell Phones
Online Real-Time Reports
Secure Credit Management Centre
Push Apps to Curomax
Wholesale Dealer Vehicle Locator
Statistics & Analytics
Referral & Advertising Source Stats
Vehicle Click-Throughs
Add Your Own Lead Filter Questions
Date/Time of Leads
Origin of Lead (multiple sites)
Unlimited 3rd Party Site Updates
GM Optimum Site - - -
Saturn Certified Site - - -
Chrysler Five Star Site - - -
Dealer Association Sites - - -
Auto Trader & Buy Sell - - -
LiveDeal & TorStar Network - -, Auto 123 & Xprima - - -
Autonet & Canoe - - -
Alberta Wheels - - -
Optional Extras
ASL PDA Solution -
Real-e-Live People A/V
Canadian Auto Press Reviews -
Top 10 List
Rotating Featured Vehicle Display
Automated DMS Import Service - -
Salesmen Mini-Site Modules -
Dealer Group Inventory Enhancements -

* Only one inventory system is included with each website.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing is subject to applicable taxes