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Canadian Auto Press Editorial Review

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Two of the most important characteristics of ASL sales tools and dealer web sites are that they:

  1. pull more traffic (i.e. potential customers) to dealer web sites
  2. engage and inform visitors, so they are more likely to initiate leads

One way we create that impact is by integrating independent automotive reviews by Canadian Auto Press and American Auto Press into the fabric of dealer web sites.



Canadian Auto Press' rich editorial content improves dealer web site traffic by attracting favorable search engine rankings.

Search engines regularly "read" the content on every page of every site on the Internet, and then rank those pages and sites according to how well they relate to different kinds of search terms. While search engines (like Google) respond to a broad spectrum of always-evolving optimization techniques, the fact remains that search engines have always - and will always - reward sites with content that is both meaningful and relevant to consumer search terms.

Until now, few dealerships in North America had access to the kind of rich, relevant editorial content that search engines reward.


Engaging Visitors &
Earning Leads

Attracting more visitors is a good first step; the next step is to retain those visitors and convert them into genuine leads.

First, independent automotive reviews by Canadian Auto Press and American Auto Press make ASL web sites "sticky"; that is, visitors who read these articles will spend more time on your web site while they "research" their purchase.

Second, as many dealerships with successful Internet sales departments have learned, shoppers in the research phase convert into genuine prospects incredibly quickly once they have acquired the right information, and enough of it to satisfy their make well-informed decisions.

In combination with other ASL tools and web sites, rich editorial content by Canadian Auto Press provides that right information, and so earns more leads from well-informed customers.


New Vehicle Showrooms

The combination of ASL New Vehicle Showrooms and Canadian Auto Press content is like "candy" for both search engines and consumers in the research phase.

This exclusive package delivers more value for new vehicle researchers than anything else on the market; manufacturer-quality vehicle specifications and portal-quality editorial content effectively dovetail to satisfy researching consumers. Prominent, effective lead-generators then convert those visitors into well-qualified leads.


New & Pre-Owned
Vehicle Inventory

Canadian Auto Press articles aren't just for new vehicles.

Our extensive catalogue of syndicated new and pre-owned previews, test-drives, and reviews will help attract better search engines rankings and convert more shoppers into serious leads, even for your off-make pre-owned vehicles.



Some of the best leads come from previous customers and their sphere of influence.

Electronic newsletters are a cost-effective means of maintaining contact with this community of prospects; recipients often forward electronic newsletters that contain high-value content to buyers they know in the market.

Dealers using ASL Newsletters with editorial content by Canadian Auto Press leverage their electronic mailing lists for superior sales results.


Print, Online, and Broadcast Media

ASL Internet is the exclusive provider of Canadian Auto Press automotive reviews for Internet portals. This rich, unbiased content engages and creates real value for visitors, to encourage longer and repeat visits by more consumers.

Canadian Auto Press is Canada's largest automotive content syndication company; its sister company - American Auto Press - is making major inroads throughout the United States with both written and rich multimedia automotive reviews. Canadian Auto Press President & Editor-in-Chief Trevor Hofmann appears weekly on The New Driver's Seat, and is a regular guest on Automotive Intelligence on CISL650 in Vancouver.

Canadian Auto Press daily news, reviews, and other automotive feeds are features of a variety of print and online media, including:

  • Sympatico /
  • Black Press Group (newspapers and
  • Trader Media
  • NUVO Magazine
  • Forum Magazine
  • Auto Aficionado Magazine