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All Makes Build & Price (& Lease)

Build It, Price It - Any Way You Like It

The Build It, Price It system from ASL is the leading new vehicle model configurator tool for the motor dealer industry, enabling your customers to make an informed decision about their vehicle purchase and for your sales staff to demonstrate why a customer should purchase your vehicle over a competitor.

ASL provides auto dealers with this next-generation website software for consumer research and pricing. ASL's Build It, Price It software and All Makes Build & Lease software can help your dealership generate more leads and sell more cars. You can instantly add interactive vehicle configuration, research and pricing to any website. The cutting-edge design and enhanced media options, offer consumers more choices and better flexibility. All of this adds up to more time spent by consumers on your dealership's website, and more requests from potential customers such as: no obligation offers; secure online credit applications; trade-in appraisals; test-drive requests; monthly payment quotes; referrals to friends; and automated electronic brochures.

For car buyers, these tools are accessed through your dealership's site which configures and prices vehicles, then submits detailed requests in a user experience that never takes them away from your dealership's site. For your dealership, it's a plug-and-play addition to your existing web presence that provides an instant online showroom with detailed interaction and specialized content that still reinforces your own brand.

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All Makes Build & Lease It!

Does your dealership want to attract and retain more business in Fleet and All Makes Leasing? Offer your customers the tools to configure any make or model and request payment information. The ASL Build & Lease It system will provide you with dealer invoice pricing on any vehicle configuration of any make or model without disclosing the costs to your potential customer.

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Not all makes, models, trim, specifications, & data are included in this demonstration.


Why Use ASL Vehicle Configurators?

JATO Dynamics

In addition to a step-by-step menu selling process developed by ASL the Build It Price It and All Makes Build & Lease It systems uses the most complete, accurate and up-to-date databases of vehicle prices and specifications available in Canada and the United Satates from JATO Dynamics. JATO is the leading supplier of automotive market intelligence world-wide providing updates every day of the week. JATO's researchers are working in 45 countries to source thousands of vehicle data items providing consistent, reliable and comparable information on all makes and models.

eVOX Productions

ASL has integrated a massive library of licensed stock automotive images and 360 degree interior and exterior interactive videos within the Build It Price It and All Makes Build & Lease It systems from eVOX Productions. eVox images are continuously created in-studio by a team of expert automotive producers, photographers, videographers and post-production specialists.

Interior 360 Degree Sample   Exterior 360 Degree Sample   Image Gallery Sample

Click on a picture above to see a sample. 360 degree movies require QuickTime® to run.


Vehicle Configurator Features Table

The table below lists the primary features. Please contact us for more information.

   Build It,
Price It 
 All Makes
Build & Lease 
Website Visitor Benefits
eVOX interior image galleries
eVOX exterior image galleries
eVOX interactive interior 360 degree movies
eVOX interactive exterior 360 degree movies
All known standard equipment
All known optional equipment
Detailed technical specifications
Includes all makes, models & trim levels -
Warranty Details
MSRP Details -
Delivery Fees -
MSRPs for Options & Accessories -
EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Ratings
Interior & Exterior Color & Fabric Options
Professional Audio Instructions with Text Display
Built-in Lead Generation
Test Drive Requests -
Secure Credit Applications
Trade-in Evaluation Requests
Monthly Payment Amount Requests
No-Obligation Offers -
Automated E-Brochure Emails
Email A Friend Referrals
Lead Delivery
Cellular Text Messages
Email to Multiple Sources
Online Reports
Delivered to Multiple Depts.
Dealership Resources
Plug-in To Any Web Site
Dealer Invoice Details on Vehicle (Back-Office Display)
Dealer Invoice Details on Options (Back-Office Display)
Customer Lead Generation Reports with Build & MSRP Details
Push Credit Applications to Dealer Access or Curomax
Captures Abandoned Credit Applications
Customer Contact Info (Name, phone, email)