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"The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work."
- Vince Lombardi

About ASL - the Company

In 2001, two industry professionals, Vic Kovacs and Peter Cameron-Inglis became frustrated with the Internet's effectiveness and how most auto dealer websites failed to actually give long term results to automotive dealerships.

In 2002, ASL Ltd. was formed to create a marketing organization that actually delivered real, long-term results for the dealers it services. Vic and Peter completed extensive research and experimented with a wide range of strategies and techniques sourced from leading-edge auto dealers and Internet marketers worldwide.

The Result: a winning formula combining a number of lead generation and conversion techniques in addition to many tools to help dealers manage their online presence more effectively.

ASL Internet is an automotive Internet marketing and Internet solutions provider specializing in website development, online inventory management, Internet merchandising, Internet sales training, web analytics, and electronic data interchange (EDI). ASL's main focus is to generate Internet traffic, leads and sales for auto dealers coast-to-coast. ASL's EDI services reduce data entry costs through automatic transfers and on-demand exports to automotive manufacturers in addition to automated nightly updates to automotive portal and classified website providers.


In short, our philosophy at ASL boils down to just four things:

  1. Expert Design
  2. Innovative Programming
  3. Phenominal Customer Service
  4. Powerful Marketing

Keeping these core beliefs in mind, we strive to give our clients solutions that do not just meet their requirements - they go beyond them, to provide cutting-edge, affordable Internet and software solutions.

Our People

ASL Internet has been founded by a diverse group of individuals who each have extensive business experience and share a strong entrepreneurial drive. Their experience spans a wide array of disciplines including marketing, programming, project management, multimedia publishing and finance.

Web Site Design - Process and Methodology:

Having a successful presence on the Internet requires vision, strategic insight, careful planning and skillful execution. ASL has developed a well-planned, collaborative process for guiding you through this.

It starts with conversation where you talk and we listen. We begin with proposal development that involves analysis, review and research that defines goals, objectives, technical issues, branding and positioning initiatives. In other words we spend time learning about your organization. Once we have done our initial assessment, we formulate a Strategic & Technical Guide. This proposal becomes the foundation for future development. With the guide in place, we can begin the Content Development that will make your project come to life on the Web.

Throughout your project, we will ask questions and solicit feedback, making our process a very collaborative and interactive one. At these points (represented by the diamond shapes in the diagram below) we:

  • Review the project. (What tasks have been done? What tasks are next?)
  • Make a record of any required amendments or refinements.
  • Obtain approvals to proceed with the next stage.

But, it doesn't end there...once your site has been launched you can choose to continue working with us in order to maintain, promote and continue to improve on your Internet presence through Post Launch Activities and Ongoing Development.

The ASL Development Process


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